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History of Wigs

Let's start with a general and interesting information about wigs. Wigs have very ancient roots, so that the oldest wig is now in the British Museum and its age is estimated to be more than 3000 years. Wigs can almost be considered one of the most widely used cosmetic items in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The origin of the word wig is derived from the English word (periwig). And have been a part of their uniform requirements in the past.

Also, one of the orthodox Jewish religions in the past, which was obligatory for women, was shaving all their hair and using a wig. In fact, Orthodox Jewish women had to shave all their hair and use a wig after marriage. It can be seen that wigs do not belong only to the last few decades or centuries and have an ancient history. The fibers were generally of high quality and durable.

Wigs are used for a variety of reasons, including medical reasons including severe hair loss and baldness or hair loss due to cancer and chemotherapy, or only for cosmetic and decorative purposes. However, any use of wigs should be Try to choose the best type, which we will discuss in more detail below.
To buy a wig, you must first measure the size of your head, then select the wig you want, your head circumference may be smaller or larger than the standard size of the product, in which case you will have trouble using it. Some wigs at the bottom have adhesives and fasteners on the head to determine the size that you can use to enlarge and reduce the hat.